A Détacher was started in 1998 by Poland born designer Monika Kowalska in New York City. Kowalska’s unique style and perspective has made A Detacher a cult brand that is always growing and innovating while staying true to its core vision. With inherent juxtapositions of feminine and masculine, utilitarian and whimsical, chic and cheeky, A Détacher allows the wearer to interpret the garment as it suits her.

Ace & Jig is a Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR based brand that started in 2009 by Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson. Ace & Jig is unique in its focus on textiles that are all manufactured on handlooms by textile specialists in India. Inspired by textiles from many cultures and decades, Vaughn and Wilson give their designs a rich and thoughtful complexity. Ace & Jig’s easy silhouettes make for garments that can be playfully layered or worn as timeless statement pieces.

Ali Golden started as a one-woman operation in Oakland, CA and has quickly grown in size, global span and popularity. Successful in her vision of creating the ‘modern uniform’ Ali Golden pieces epitomize wearability, timelessness and accessibility.

 LA based designer, Yuka Izutsu created Atelier Delphine in 2011 with a vision of luxurious loungewear. With a timeless Japanese aesthetic and a focus on quality and wearability, Delphine is clothing for a modern and conscious clientele.

Base Range was started in 2012 in Denmark and France, with a focus on sustainability, quality and simplicity. Base Range undergarments have clean silhouettes and soft, natural fibers that appeal to a modern clientele. Base Range clothing is fashion forward while remaining wearable and transcendent of trend.

Black Crane is a Los Angeles based brand started in 2008 by Japanese born designer Momo Suzuki and director Alexander Yamaguchi. Black Crane's aesthetic is influenced by Suzuki and Yamaguchi's Japanese heritage and they take inspiration from ancient Japanese Culture.  Black Crane's designs are popular for their thoughtful, architectural approach to minimalism and wearability. Black Crane is produced in Los Angeles.  

Building Block is a multi-medium design studio based in Los Angeles, established in 2011. The intent of each product is to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess. Through the exploration of utilitarian materials + forms, Building Block suggests a minimalist alternative to accessories, finding continual inspiration in returning to square one.

Clyde is a New York City-based label designed by Vancouver native Dani Griffiths. Sharp yet classic and smartly cultivated, Clyde has caught the attention of distinguished publications and ardent admirers worldwide. The hats, in particular, possess a sculptural beauty while maintaining a straightforward wearability–this balance perfected by hand finishes and considered design.

Clyde aspires to not only be a part of the wearer’s story but to help tell it by encouraging individual experiences that can, in turn, impart personal meaning to each and every piece.

Founded by designers Maria Eugenia Diaz and Pepe Romero, they debuted from Los Angeles in 2014 with an aesthetic of disciplined minimalism. All Cuero & Mor products are manufactured in Souther Spain.
Your one stop shop for all things denim this season.

Launched in 2010 by Brooklyn designer Ellen Van Dusen, Dusen Dusen is known and loved for its bold graphic prints on easy silhouettes. The Dusen Dusen collection is inspired by fine art, commercial design and color contrast, creating pieces that feel like wearable pop art.

Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings founded their Brooklyn based design and fabrication studio, Fort Standard, in 2011. Buntain and Collings’ work relies on structural simplicity and honesty of materials. Terming their aesthetic “warm contemporary,” they merge craft tradition with progressive design. The duo creates “objects that are unique enough to refresh and simple enough to live forever,” explains Collings. Fort Standard boasts an impressive range of products, including home goods, toys, jewelry and furniture.
Henrik Vibskov is a designer for those with a more conceptual eye. His abstract creations are unconventional – simple designs punctuated with unusual prints and textures. Henrik Vibskov is the only Scandinavian designer on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule.

Ilana Kohn, a former commercial illustrator, started her clothing line in New York in 2011. It began with a few basic silhouettes to serve as a canvas for her prints and has grown into a covetable collection of easy to wear modern classics. Ilana Kohn is entirely designed and produced in NYC.

Kathleen Whitaker is a jewelry designer and porcelain ceramicist based out of Los Angeles. Her minimal jewelry design and use of gold has become her signature look for the art and design woman in Los Angeles and New York.

Kurt Lyle is a Brooklyn based line with an irreverent and fun fashion sensibility and overall life philosophy. With bold pops of color and geometric prints, Kurt Lyle conjures retro mod style while remaining current and fresh.

Loup is a New York based brand with a heart and eye that belongs to Paris in the 60’s. Designer, Danielle Ribner draws inspiration from the effortless and timeless style of Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn. Loup focuses on creating the perfect pant that flatters a curvy figure as well as easy and wearable dresses and tops. Loup prides itself on being a small company with a personal touch. 

LA based designer, Maria Stanley, launched her namesake collection in 2016. Inspired by turn of the century detail and textiles, Maria Stanley created her line of flattering and feminine designs with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.  Maria Stanley is ethically and sustainably produced in Downtown LA or is handmade in India. 

Marisa Mason is a jewelry designer based out of Oakland CA. She creates handmade pieces with a rock n roll beach aesthetic, inspired by her time spent living in Mexico surfing and playing music. These pieces are designed to be worn multiple ways, and allow the wearer freedom in styling and layering.  

Martiniano is an Argentinian line of handmade shoes design by Martiniano Lopez Crozet. Using time-honored techniques and quality materials each shoe is cut, skived, stitched, and sewn by hand by artisans in Buenos Aires.

These are the pieces that become go-to's in our client's wardrobes. They are the things that we routinely sell out of, and that we reorder season after season when possible. These are the pieces you will reach for over and over. In other words, these are the No-Brainers. 

Helen made her first pair of slippers for her young son in the winter of 1977, they had a hand cut sheepskin sole and a crocheted upper made with hand spun raw wool, in a few years they would become known as the Original Padraig Slipper. Since Helen started selling her wears at local craft markets, the slipper line and the company have grown and evolved. Employing more than thirty local artisans and support staff, independently owned and operated in North Vancouver, ensuring product quality and support of the local community. They produce original quality products made by skilled artisans, using natural materials while accepting the importance of both the community and the environment.

Rodebjer is a progressive international fashion brand offering effortless elegance for all occasions. Rodebjer defines effortless elegance for progressive women. The brand is based in Stockholm and New York.


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 Shaina Mote is a young designer based in Los Angeles California. She strives to bring consciousness to the production process. When possible materials are locally sourced  and work with local and family run businesses.

In an effort to curb the mentality of fast fashion, we aim to provide sleek, transformable staples. By giving new options to the wearer, such as: a new way to tie, a reversible quality, etc., the hope is to increase the ways to wear the pieces over time and encourage less waste on the whole.


Sunja Link's (pronounced Soon-Ya) cult favorite collection is both staple and secret weapon here at Personnel of New York. A house favorite with clients and staff, her dresses are a mainstay in our 'Essentials' section.

Simultaneously easy and covetable, Sunja Link's garments are made with top quality fabrics from Italy and Japan. Each piece is cut and sewn in Vancouver, British Columbia where Sunja oversees every aspect of design and production.

The Ulla Johnson label has become synonymous with custom prints, intricate embroideries, and fine tailoring, all of which have earned her a loyal and global customer base. With the introduction of a shoe collection in Fall 2013, the line now encompasses a full range of product categories sourced and produced worldwide with an emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted processes.

Upstate is a Brooklyn based line founded by Kalen Kaminski and Astrid Chastka. Designer, Kaminski, brings a juxtaposition of nature and urban living into the collection. She uses shibori and other natural hand dye processes to create an earthy palette on lux fabrics in modern silhouettes. Upstate is designed and manufactured in the USA and no two pieces are identical.



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